Frequently Asked Questions

There is no intent at this point to add a listing fee, we are trying to stay unique from other auctions and maintain only 1 fee, and that is after the auction closes, and only if the item is sold.
The only charges will be from subscription store packages, and if you have an item that actually sells, then we will bill a small percentage of that.
The rates will be:
.01 - 7.00 $1.00 (Flat)
7.00 - 10.00 3.5%
10.00 - 50.00 3%
50.00 - 250.00 2.75%
250.00 - 1000.00 2.5%
For now site fee's have been turned off, they are automatically scripted into the site. That means when we turn them back on the site fee's page will update and show the fee's that will be charged. However, we will make an announcement that will be posted on the main page under Site News before we turn them on. We will make this announcement roughly 2 weeks before hand, and will also list the fee's there so you will know what to expect.
Until Feb.1 there is no charge to use this site as either a buyer or a seller. With the exception of utilizing the stores feature. If you choose to start an online store with us there is a subscription charge set, varies depending on criteria you select.
Short of that, no this site is free meaning you will not pay us a cent, your only financial obligation is between you as a buyer and a seller.
For detailed instructions on how to sell an item view the help section or follow this link: Help - How to sell an Item
Yes, there are items that are prohibited to sell on FULOW. We reserve the right to remove any item that contains nudity or sexually graphic material; that promote or glorify violence, hated, racial, sexual or religious intolerance. If we remove such an item, we will notify you once it has been removed.
At this time we prohibit the selling of any live animals. This includes but not limited to endangered species, migratory birds, noxious insects, sharks, crickets, herbivorous insects, shellfish, snails and slugs. If you have any questions please email us prior to listing questionable items.
Any item you list that comes with a contract, you are responsible for honoring the contract. FULOW is not a party to any contract you sell and we will not adjudicate, review or take sides in a dispute. If you have questions or concerns about a contract item, please consult your own legal representation.
Yes but you must follow the following guidelines:
1. All currency, coins or stamps must be authentic – no counterfeit currency allowed. Currency replicas are allowed but they must be listed as a “replica” and include current information such as origin, date of issue and condition.
2. All items must be accurately described with a photo of the actual item being sold - no stock photos.
3. Clearly identify what you are selling so there is no misunderstanding.
4. Don’t list items if you are not sure about the origin or authenticity.
Yes, used clothing can be sold as long as it has been cleaned and must be listed as used in the description. Used underwear is NOT allowed in any condition.
The sale of original art is encouraged. You are also allowed to sell/resell the artwork of others if you have permission to do so.
Yes, you can sell cell phone service alone or bundled with a cell phone but you must be an authorized reseller of cell phone services. FULOW reserves the right to request proof of said authorization. Failure to provide such proof will result in your items being removed and your account frozen until such proof has been provided.

Yes, you can resell tickets to sporting events, concerts or other entertainment events but you are solely responsible for said item and you must be sure the item does not violate any applicable laws. If you’ve sold a ticket and the event is cancelled you the seller is responsible for refunding your buyer, once your buyer has retuned the tickets to you.

NO! The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates these types of transactions.
Any seller found selling stolen items will have their account cancelled. FULOW will assist in the prosecution of members who violate this policy. Items with altered/removed serial numbers are not allowed to be sold on FULOW.
Official law enforcement equipment or badges issued by any government entity are not allowed for sell on FULOW.
FULOW does not allow any multi-level marketing programs, pyramids, Ponzi schemes or similar programs to be sold on our site. These types of programs are considered illegal.
Any items meeting this description will be removed and the sellers account cancelled.
As with everything we've tried to keep the process very simple, so we try to keep the answers simple and easy to follow as well.
After you have logged on, on the side of the screen you will see a box labeled as members are, in that box scroll down to my store. Once you are there you will need to setup your store. Click on Main Settings, choose your store name and enter your description. On this screen you will have a few choices to make. Including adding your own custom logo. Once you are happy with all your selections, click on proceed.

After you have completed that, you need to go and choose your subscription level. You will notice you have a few choices to choose from depending on how many items you want to sell.

To finish adding your personal touches to your store, be sure you also go to the "store pages" and "custom categories" tabs and enter details in their as well to make sure your store is customized to your liking.
After you have setup your store the process for selling in your store is just like selling in a regular option. Click on sell, and now that your store is setup you will now have 3 options. "Site", "Shop", or "Both" Choose which option you would like and proceed just as you would with listing any other auction.
Yes, you can add your own logo to your store. To do this in the members area, scroll down to My Store, click on Main Settings.

In the Main Settings window, scroll down to Logo. Browse to where your Logo is stored and choose it, click upload after that and your logo is now uploaded. If you are using a Logo from a specific location enter that location in the box for Enter File URL, once again click upload.

If you have any questions about the items you want to sell, please contact us prior to listing that item for prior approval. Any seller who violates the guidelines are listed on our site will have their items removed and possibly their account cancelled. We want to make FULOW an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We want sellers and buyers to have a positive experience. We ask that each party adhere to the guidelines as listed.